Make some noise! Be a squeaky wheel, like the gun rights supporters. That means, call your leaders and representatives. Call them often. Tell them how you feel about gun violence in your state and in our country. Tell them what you want them to do about it. Tell them it’s not acceptable to do nothing.

Calling your state representative, senator, or governor is a great way to be squeaky. When you call, they will tally up the number of calls on each side of a gun issue (or a bill that’s being decided on), and that helps them decide how to vote. Your call will show them how many gun sense supporters are out there, motivated and paying attention. Get your friends to call too! The goal is to make the list of gun sense supporters longer than the list of gun rights supporters. 

When you call, you will get a recorded message or maybe a real staffer. Leave a message about gun safety and how important it is to you. Your phone call can make a difference!

Ring Your Rep

How do you call? 

State Representatives and Senators: Type in your address at this website to get your state legislators’ names and phone numbers.

US Representatives and Senators: Do the same at this website to find your federal legislators’ names and phone numbers.

Governor: Get your governor’s number here.

More Leaders: Click here to find more people to call and demand action from.

When Should You Call?

When you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or scared about the gun violence you see on the news. When there’s a vote on an important gun sense bill. When you want to thank your representative for doing something good.

What Should You Say?

Talking to unfamiliar adults can be stressful, even for grown-ups! Reading from a script really helps. Fill in the blanks in the following script with the particulars you are calling about, and bingo! You have the perfect message to leave for your leaders.




Hi, my name is [your name]

and I’m calling from 

[city and zip code].

I don’t need a response. I am calling about [issue/bIll/law].

I want to encourage 

[polIticIan’s name] 

to [support/oppose]

this [issue/bIll/law]. 

Thank you!



Keep it short. Staffers are just logging calls for or against. They don’t need to know much about why you are calling. You don’t have to explain yourself.

Be polite. Can you imagine how much it would suck to take angry calls all day long? The person answering the phone is human. They are trying to help you make your voice heard. Remember, you catch more bees with honey, so be kind and polite. Even if you’re mad as hell.